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​Even as the value of an SMS grows worldwide, many organizations are seeking options to simplify the implementation process and to validate their safety and quality management practices in an efficient and cost-effective way. 


The Safety Performance Monitoring Program (SPMP) is based on the Four Components of ICAO Safety Management Systems.  Operators who have voluntarily agreed to participate in this program are held to these Performance Criteria and must demonstrate both their commitment to safety and active participation in the Baldwin Safety & Compliance Safety Management System tools.


This program provides an alternative means of showing compliance with a conforming Safety Management System for regulatory reviews, ramp checks, contractor applications, etc. Therefore, the integrity of the program is paramount, and these Performance Criteria are intended to guide the operator through the issuance and renewal process.


This program uses a progressive audit approach to verifying program compliance. What this means is that in addition to regularly scheduled reviews and renewal periods, Baldwin Safety & Compliance representatives will actively and continuously monitor the participation of operators in this program. This enables a more intimate understanding of the individual operator and is essential to determining what constitutes active and appropriate activity for the operator.


Baldwin's Safety Performance Monitoring Program is based on ICAO, FAA and Part 5 to conform with worldwide QMS/SMS management systems.​  

Baldwin Seal

Baldwin's reputation rests on providing an honest and thorough assessment, by an industry-certified safety professional, of the organization’s SMS growth and maturity.

The key benefits of the SPMP are:

  • Demonstrating your organization’s conformance to US and international SMS standards

  • Concierge service to support your organization’s safety manager

  • Cutting edge technology including the Safety Gauge to show the effectiveness of your SMS

  • Quarterly Safety/Operational Webinar just for SPMP members

  • Progressive and highly interactive Audit Review Program

  • Safety Manager recurrent training via Webinar

  • Semi-annual Safety Review

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