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(make manual management easy!)

Introducing Baldwin's proprietary interactive document management software SAVVYdoc™ ......making the drudgery and complexity of maintaining and updating manuals and documents seamless and easy. 


Think of a world where you can initiate changes online, have experienced Baldwin staff review for compliance, share suggested changes with your team of reviewers, approve and publish - all with just a series of clicks within the Baldwin program. 


Whether you subscribe to Baldwin customized manual services (Operations; SMS; Emergency Response, International, etc.) or we upload your manuals, SAVVYdoc™ simplifies the entire process for you and your organization.

"I just finished making and reviewing the changes in the SMS manual....I just approved it.  New system is intuitive and working well.  ...I don't even need any training on it as I figured it out."​

Here are a few examples from some of our template Manuals that can be truly customized to meet your organization's needs:

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