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Baldwin Aviation, Inc. President and CEO Donald E. Baldwin has more than 30 years of general and business aviation experience, primarily with global companies. While world-wide flight department manager for Texaco, he devised and implemented processes and services in order to support the company's small, satellite operations.  Baldwin Aviation was founded in 2004 on the premise that smaller flight departments need and deserve the same level of resources, programs, services and safety management as their multinational counterparts. By developing flexible proprietary software, Baldwin Safety and Compliance is able to deliver a quality safety management program and related systems to any size operation.

Founded in 2004, Baldwin became the only IS-BAO registered SMS implementer in 2007, followed by Stage II registration in 2010.  In 2013, Baldwin successfully met the requirements for a Stage III audit.    In 2012, Baldwin became the 1st IS-BAO Safety Support Services Affiliate (I3SA) followed by IS-BAO certification - further supporting Baldwin's leadership position by providing the assurance that Baldwin SMS programs meet regulatory compliance requirements and best practices.  

Mission Statement

To manage risk and prevent accidents, including loss of life, personal injury, and damage to equipment and infrastructure by supporting our clients in the pursuit of safe operations. 



To be the premier Safety Management System provider worldwide, known for innovation and customer service, while continuing to cultivate and develop up-and-coming professionals to lead the company, and industry, into the next renaissance in safety management.

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