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In an effort to pull together all the various components that make up a robust and comprehensive safety management program, Baldwin also offers Emergency Response Services through our experienced and credentialed partners.

Emergency Response Programs and Services

​​Operators with limited available resources are significantly disadvantaged when faced with an investigation. Operators experiencing an accident could have their entire flight department involved; typically leaving no properly trained aviation personnel to work with the investigators.  Preparing and providing expertise to a non-aviation employee is critical in the quality of the investigation.   


BaldwinSOS™, unlike anything on the marketplace, was developed as a framework with many investigative agencies allowing experts to be advising the operator from the first day and to support the operator’s role throughout an investigation.  Contact us at 843-342-5434 for more information or click on Contact Us below!

ER ALERT Service

This service provides an organization the ability to alert teams of an accident, incident or other event. The ALERT can be activated for either an actual event or a drill, each of which has distinct workflows.

Key elements of the ER Alert include:

  • One place to manage and document an event

  • Automatically creates an event and action log

  • All key elements set up in advance

  • Notifications by email and text messaging

  • Team check-in function

  • Checklists set up in advance and assignable to specific individuals

  • Access for external emergency support providers

  • Can help satisfy IS-BAO 4.1.4 (b&c) as well as 4.3.1 and 4.3.3

The feature automatically captures activities and actions and provides a report upon conclusion of the event. 

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