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Baldwin conducts initial and pre-audit Gap Analysis for organizations seeking to implement SMS and/or prepare for an audit (ISBAO/ISBAH, ARGUS, ACSF, BARRS etc).  Baldwin's team of credentialed and experienced safety experts work with organizations to identify gaps in audit standards and identify opportunities to enhance their operation.

Baldwin's experience in supporting clients participating in the FAA's Voluntary Safety Management program simplifies and significantly reduces the work required to participate

Baldwin's Gap Analysis is designed uniquely for each organization that may include:

  • Safety Culture Survey and report

  • Pre-site visit document review

  • Compliance review including regulatory (FAR Part 5) requirements and industry best practices

  • Safety Management System engagement and assessment

  • Optional onsite includes interviews, observations, records review, Safety Culture Survey debrief and audit conformity feedback.

  • Detailed report of key observations, findings and recommendations.


A Gap Analysis includes a qualified reviewer but the support of Baldwin's team of experts in their areas of expertise.  Baldwin's team is also be available during and post-audit to assist with any findings.

Note:  Baldwin does not perform "official" audits but focuses on supporting organizations in preparing for an audit,

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