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Top Trainers At Your Service!

Our credentialed and experienced professionals are available to our clients for on-site training!  All courses can be tailored for client's time and delivery needs.  

Baldwin's team of trainers can provide a wide-range of courses specific to your unique operation's needs.  From introductory SMS to Safety Officer Training, we can customize a training program for you.  Formats range from live webinars to videos to on-site.

Online Learning System

Baldwin has developed a series of safety-related online courses.  Broken into easily digestible modules, your team members will have access to a library of pertinent and relevant safety topics. 

Courses we offer:

  • Initial SMS Training for the Frontline

  • Recurrent SMS Training for the Frontline

  • Leading through IS-BAO Implementation

  • Safety Manager Certification Program

  • Recurrent SMS Training for Safety Managers

  • Safety Manager Courses

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