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Todd Thomas

Sr. Standards Manager

Todd Thomas, Senior Manager, Standards, has been a valued member of Baldwin Safety and Compliance since 2019. In this position, he plays a critical role in continuously monitoring safety regulations and ensuring that Baldwin's documentation remains up to date with the latest standards. Todd also actively contributes to Baldwin's Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) and Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP).

To further enhance his expertise in safety management systems, Todd successfully completed the Airport Certified Employee (ACE) program for Airport Safety Management Systems offered by the AAAE. Additionally, he has received certificates for participation in workshops conducted by IBAC on both IS-BAO and IS-BAH fundamentals and auditing.

As the designated point of contact for IBAC's PS3 Program, Todd serves as a primary liaison between Baldwin and IBAC, facilitating effective communication and collaboration. He regularly conducts gap analyses for clients, comparing their practices against the IS-BAO/IS-BAH standards, and providing valuable insights and recommendations for improvement.

Todd Thomas
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