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SMSplus™ - Keeping it simple

Many flight organizations already have some of the components of a comprehensive Safety Management Program such as an Operations Manual, Emergency Response Plan, and best practices and standards, but are perhaps lacking some of the additional tools that provide the means to efficiently collect, analyze, monitor and track safety-related information.


SMSplus™ provides a customized Safety Management manual coupled with cutting-edge tools needed to run and monitor a safe, efficient flight organization. Everything you need to complete your Safety Management Program.  We kept it simple for those organizations not needing all of the features of our full subscription program so you can be up and running in less than a week. 


Some of the benefits of our SMSplus program include:

  • Web-based program includes a customized web portal

  • Customized SMS manual (with unlimited updates)

  • A suite of 15 forms that may be customized to meet your organization's needs (Risk Assessments, Safety Reports, Internal Reviews, Quality Management, etc.)

  • Kneeboard Risk Assessment

  • Safety Dashboard for real-time data snapshots

  • Daily Docket

  • DateTracker™

  • Electronic Safety Library

  • Operational alerts and access to potential discounts in our Support Services program (training; Emergency Response; etc.). 

  • Support and guidance from credentialed, experienced staff

  • Message Center for notifications

  • Document Drawer for posting organization documents

  • Safety Lab™ for real-time data analysis​

What distinguishes it from SMSlite™ is an IS-BAO compliant customizable SMS manual with unlimited updates,  five additional customizable forms, 24/7 operations and safety support.  Clients may easily upgrade to our comprehensive Safety Management Program SMSprime™ that includes ten additional forms and manuals (Operations, Maintenance, Quality Management, Emergency Response, etc.) that may be customized for your organization and will position the organization to quickly become IS-BAO registered in just 3-4 months when you are ready.

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