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Contact: Marj Rose

Baldwin Safety & Compliance Elevates Safety Reporting with Innovative Mapping Feature

Hilton Head Island, SC – October 10, 2023 — Baldwin Safety & Compliance has introduced an innovative geopositioning feature integrated within its safety reporting system. Providing visual awareness ushers in a new era of safety insight, leveraging location specific data.
The integrated mapping system allows users to effortlessly pinpoint the exact location of safety-related events. A key advantage of this flexible tool is the ability to incorporate data collected from a wide range of sources including safety reports, ASAP, ASIAS, and FOQA.
“We are excited to integrate this mapping feature into our reporting functionality to help determine patterns of high risk in specific locations,” said Dr. Jason Starke, Director of Safety, Baldwin Safety & Compliance. “We have been beta testing this with the air medical community due to their high volume of safety reporting and now it is available to all our subscribers. The real value lies in the long-term analysis to determine recurring safety hazards and patterns unique to specific areas. This feature leverages state-of-the-art technology for reporting and analysis.”
Baldwin Safety & Compliance is actively shaping the landscape of safety reporting by incorporating advanced tools like the integrated mapping system. With a dedication to empowering organizations, enhancing safety protocols, and fostering a culture of safety, Baldwin continues to lead the industry toward a safer and more secure future.
For more information or questions about this new Baldwin reporting feature, contact us at or call 843-342-5434.
About Baldwin Safety & Compliance Since 2004, Baldwin Safety & Compliance, an award-winning visionary in safety, has supported global transportation, manufacturing, and other industry organizations by crafting scalable and intuitive safety systems and related business support and training products designed specifically for their operations to encourage engaged safety cultures. Available 24/7, Baldwin’s team of experienced and credentialed safety professionals supports all facets of an organization’s safety and quality programs while conforming to international and State standards and regulatory requirements. Visit

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