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Voluntary program allows Baldwin to facilitate simple, single source for clients to contribute and share aviation safety information

Hilton Head Island, SC—Baldwin Aviation, the world’s leading provider of innovative, customized and fully-supported safety management and related systems for aviation, ground and FBO operations, has entered into a pioneering agreement with The MITRE Corporation and FAA to serve as a gateway for its clients to share relevant safety information with the FAA’s Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program.

The ASIAS program connects approximately 185 data and information sources across government and industry, including voluntarily provided safety data. The ASIAS program works closely with the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) and the General Aviation Joint

Steering Committee (GAJSC) to monitor known risk, evaluate the effectiveness of deployed mitigations, and detect emerging risk. Once a risk is discovered and it reaches a level of potential severity that it must be acted upon, the community (industry and the FAA) will work together to mitigate those risks and monitor to see if they had the desired effectiveness. ASIAS is the aviation community working together to continually improve safety.

The ASIAS Executive Board has approved the first protocol providing the opportunity for any Baldwin client to easily participate in aviation data sharing by inputting safety data into their normal safety reporting through Baldwin Aviation.

“The objective of this initiative is to make aviation safety and reporting FDM [Flight Data Monitoring] data sharing easy and seamless through our clients’ Baldwin software application,” said Don Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer of Baldwin Aviation. “The process is simple. Based on Baldwin’s Master MOU, our clients will execute a simple one page agreement with Baldwin that will allow access to ASIAS as well as receive output through Baldwin.” “We’re honored to be the first organization entrusted with this new ASIAS protocol,” Baldwin continued. “It’s a major undertaking but one we’re pleased to accept. It originated after a meeting we held with the FAA and MITRE, a not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers sponsored by the federal government, including the FAA-sponsored Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, in which we discussed our capabilities to collect, process and share data on behalf of the over 14 thousand users and thousands of corporate fixed and rotary wing aircraft that utilize our services,” he added. “It’s not unlike a share program we launched in California. We have some clients who have a direct relationship with ASIAS, as well. In our meeting with the FAA and MITRE, we agreed to explore the creation of a protocol that would allow our broader client base to more readily share safety information in an anonymous and secure manner. Since we already maintain and process our clients’ data on an ongoing basis, we can quickly report data that used to take individual clients a month to collect. By providing a single informational port to ASIAS, we have streamlined the process of collecting the data, made it more manageable from a legal and practical standpoint and increased the value of the data since it is collected, reviewed, and evaluated together and then shared in a fashion that provides the valuable safety information to a very broad audience of operators in the ASIAS program. It will allow us to create and share an extremely large and valuable database.”

This latest initiative adds to the list of industry firsts for Baldwin’s out-of-the-box thinking and follow through on these creative and effective programs.

About Baldwin Aviation Founded in 2004, Baldwin is a global software and services company founded to support the implementation and maintenance of safety management and related systems. Utilizing leading edge proprietary technology supported by a team of experienced and credentialed aviation safety experts, Baldwin is considered the leader in the SMS industry. Baldwin is an IS-BAO and I3SA (International Standards Support Services Affiliates (I3SA) registered company - further supporting Baldwin's leadership position in the SMS industry. Visit for more information.

About The MITRE Corporation

The MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that provides the U.S. government with scientific research and analysis; development and acquisition; and systems engineering and integration. MITRE operates federally funded research and development centers, including the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, and has supported the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for more than 50 years. In addition to its longstanding relationship with the FAA, MITRE provides technical expertise to various international civil aviation authorities, airport operators, airlines, and other aviation organizations in air traffic management systems engineering, aviation operations, airspace design, and systems automation and integration. To learn more, visit

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