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Have an existing SMS?

If you currently have an SMS approved through the FAA’s voluntary program or another entity you will still need to comply with the new Part 5 requirements.


  1. Conduct a gap analysis: Identify areas where your organization meets the new Part 5 requirements and where it does not. Create your plan to close the identified gaps. and follow through with that plan. Use our SMS compliance checklist. Download Now

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing: Use your current SMS processes and procedures to help meet the new requirements. Utilize industry resources, educational institutions, international organizations, and FAA guidance for support.

  3. Submit a Declaration of Compliance: Submit your declaration of compliance by May 28, 2027 to the FAA to document that your organization has a compliant SMS. The FAA will review your compliance during their routine checks of your operation.

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Get another set of eyes to review your SMS for compliance with 14 CFR 5 before submitting the declaration to the FAA. Click Here to Learn More

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