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Don’t have an existing SMS?

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  1. Identify where you are at: To implement an effective SMS, you must know your organization - what you do, where you do it, what you do it with, and who does it. This will allow you to determine where to look for hazards and where risk may be cropping up.

  2. Mind the gap: Chances are your organization meets most of the requirements in Part 5, which is great. However, just to be sure, spend the time using our SMS Checklist to identify where you meet, and do not meet, the Part 5 requirements. Your completed checklist will be used for the next step.

  3. Make a plan: Now that you have identified the gaps, you know which Part 5 requirements you do not meet. Create a plan outlining what needs to be done to close the gaps, when you will do it, and how you will do it.

  4. Submit a Declaration of Compliance: Submit your declaration of compliance by May 28, 2027 to the FAA to document that your organization has a compliant SMS. The FAA will review your compliance during their routine checks of your operation.


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