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Is your organization prepared for the 2016 OCC/OCS requirements?

Baldwin has gained a stellar reputation in the HAA (Helicopter Air Ambulance) world by providing world-class software and customer support for safety management and related services.  Recognizing that Operations, Clinical and Ground Transportation have different requirements and aspects, Baldwin HAA clients now reap the benefits of combining them into a seamless, customized environment. SMSTransport™ brings it all together.   By using similar tools and terminology, clients better understand cross-functional responsibilities while enhancing the Safety Culture across divisions.  Most recently, Baldwin developed technology to expand SMSTransport™ to meet the OCC/OCS 2016 requirements that include an advanced Rapid Response Transport Risk analysis, acknowledgement and release tool.  To ensure smooth communications, pilot notifications are via Pop-Up, Email and Text.


Baldwin offers a wide range of applicable forms and reporting capabilities for areas such as Patient Occurrence, Personal Protective Equipment, Equipment Safety Check,  Accidental Injury, and Internal Audits that can be customized for your organization.  And, because our highly flexible software allows for true customization, we can even re-create YOUR organization's forms.  Baldwin's latest development addresses the 2016 rapid response

requirements for helicopter air ambulances for the establishment of Operations Control Centers (OCC) for certain operators to help with risk management and analysis.  AC 135-14B was released March 26, 2015: read it here

SMSTransport™ includes forms and reports with customizable variables such as anonymity, selective security, etc.  Our flexible program may also be morphed to address the needs of other multi-level transport industries such as law enforcement and fire fighting.  Sample forms include:

  • Clinical

    • Risk Assessments

    • Safety Reporting

    • Patient Occurrence

    • Accidental Injury

    •  Post-Transport Debriefing

    • Checklists 

  • Ground Ambulances

    • Risk AssessmentsSafety Reporting

    • Equipment Safety Check

    • Ambulance Safety Report

    • Vehicle Accident/Incident

    • Post-Transport Debriefing

    • Checklists (i.e., Ambulance Inspection)

  • Aviation

    • Risk Assessments

    • FRMS

    • Maintenance Forms/Reports

    • Safety Reporting

    • Safety Risk Profile

    • Change Management

    • Internal Audits/IEPs based on best practices


SMSTransport™ brings the groups together as one unit rather than individual siloed operations. By using similar tools and terminology, clients better understand crossfunctional responsibilities while enhancing the Safety Culture in all divisions. 

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