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Baldwin's Enterprise System Tools (BEST) helps business leaders align business processes with the organization’s strategic goals. BEST does not follow a hierarchal approach to process improvement, and it does not rely on one segment of the organization. It works best when applied across multiple departments throughout the enterprise.

Implementing BEST across all departments of an organization and getting those departments to apply process management principles  is not a one-time endeavor. Successfully deploying and managing BEST utilization across the organization is an iterative activity requiring continuous monitoring and the flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing environment.


Baldwin's proprietary software provides the tools necessary to help monitor business processes throughout an enterprise.  It is important that an Enterprise system does not become solely an effort of the IT department. When this happens, the danger exists that it will lose its business focus and become focused exclusively on technology.  Designed to help make business processes more efficient and effective, technology is just one component of a successfully implemented and promoted Enterprise system. 


Commitment from and communication with leadership, including C-Level, is vital to its success.  Working closely with our client's leadership team in project selection is another critical component of a successful outcome. Depending on the organization, projects may include:

  • Safety (SMS)

  • Quality (QMS)

  • Maintenance (Mx)

  • Document Management

  • Emergency Response

  • HR

  • Manufacturing

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