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Listen to Safety Chats every Monday morning from 10:00 - 10:22 am (EST). Register here to join Baldwin's staff of experienced aviation professionals as they discuss topics affecting the aviation community. Can't join the conversation live? Listen to the latest recordings below.

Using the FAA DCTs to Augment the IEP
00:00 / 20:56

July 6, 2020

Using the FAA DCTs to Augment the IEP

What is the Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)? Learn to decipher DCT titles - SP vs. EP vs. ED.

WX Alert: The Meso-scale Convective Complex
00:00 / 16:33

June 15, 2020

WX Alert: The Meso-Scale Convective Complex

We talk about the Meso-Scale Convective Complex - what it is and how it affects your flight plans​.

WX Alert: Low-Level Jets
00:00 / 18:30

May 11, 2020

WX Alert: Low-Level Jets

Find out more about the causes of and preventative action you can take when encountering low-level jets.

WX Alert: Virga
00:00 / 20:06

April 13, 2020

WX Alert: Virga

The effects Virga can have causing moderate to severe turbulance and pose a hazard to flight operations.

Does SMS stand for 'Some more Stifling'?
00:00 / 19:56

June 29, 2020

Does SMS stand for 'Some More Stifling' of operations?

The difference between looking at what could go wrong vs. the entire spectrum of performance. What did we do right?

Safety Communication Strategy
00:00 / 17:22

June 8, 2020

Safety Communication 


Do you have a strategy to communicate within your safety management system? 

The Safety Committee vs. The Safety Action Group
00:00 / 19:29

May 4, 2020

The Safety Committee vs.

The Safety Action Group

Learn more about the differences between the Safety Committee and the Safety Action Group and their uses no matter the size of your org.

Organizational Excellence
00:00 / 27:24

June 22, 2020

Organizational Excellence

Learn more about how an Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) can support  not just compliance but Organizational Excellence and Safety Performance Monitoring. 

Leading for SMS Engagement
00:00 / 18:56

June 1, 2020

Leading for SMS 


A discussion about the ways your leadership style can encourage your employees to report and be fully engaged in safety management. 

Leading Remotely
00:00 / 22:10

April 27, 2020

Leading Remotely

Conversation regarding leadership and the ways the we can adapt our leadership rather in person or with our remote employees.

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